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Offering bellydance classes in NYC for special events.

You can organize your own private bellydance class
for your special event (birthday/bachelorette/graduation/just for fun).
Then bring your friends to the dance studio for some good entertainment!
Bellydance instructor, bellydance music, private dance room and colorful costume pieces are provided. For ladies only.

Cost is $200 for groups of 10 people or less.
For groups of more than 10 people, the cost is $20 per person.

please choose from the following:

Want to organize a private bellydance class for:
your Bachelorette Party?
or your Birthday Party?
or just as a Fun Event?
Then click here!

Want to take ongoing weekly bellydance instruction
tailored to your individual dance goals with private one-on-one lessons?
Then click here!

Contact Information:

Have an inquiry or ready to book?
Simply send an email to
Or call 347-855-3262.
All bellydance instruction is provided by Kerensa.

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